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Wednesday, November 28, Gay Astrology - Scorpio. Scorpio Loving your Scorpio It is a powerful thing to meet someone who recognizes you for who you really are. His first impression is always right. Before he knows your name, he gets what you are about. Scorpio does not understand what the big fuss over love at the first sight is all about, because that is the only kind of love he knows. The moment he saw you, he wanted you. But do not think that will make easy for you. In fact, the more Scorpio wants you, the less he will show his feelings.

Scorpio fears that if you knew the degree to which he desires you, then you would tease him and manipulate his emotions to get your way. Besides, he knows that his air of mystery is kind of sexy.

Attracting a Scorpio Scorpio is looking for a sparring partner. Maybe that is why he likes his men a little bigger and beefier than he is. So just because Scorpio likes to be in control does not mean you should let him walk all over you. Fight back and fight hard. Then let him win. Passivity and laziness turn Scorpio off. He can forgive a fighter for losing, but he cannot forgive a man for refusing to make an effort.

Sadly, she passed away a couple years ago so we only got to spend a few years together in this lifetime. Those years we were inseparable and constantly laughing! There seem to be a select few signs that show up as important people in my life, and Pisces is by far on the top of that list, along with other Scorpios. I have also recently met a handsome Pisces who has shown interest in me. Any advice would be much appreciated! He has a four year old daughter he had when he was sixteen.

Crazy baby mama of course. She left him a few months ago. The relationship was extremely toxic. On one of their breaks, he found a girl he seemed to be extremely fond of. So about a few months ago, he snapchated me and we began snapping, texting, and face timing all day, everyday. There was not a day without contact for months.


He introduced me to his daughter a few times. We hung out from late at night until late afternoons, just talking. He would surprise me with favorite snacks and such, of course I would do the same. He hung out with family and I, on a weekly basis. So, for a few months this was how it has been going. About two weeks ago, it came out in conversation that I made him feel loved and I explained to him that I do love him, however I understand why it would make him uncomfortable with me saying that, considering the damage the previous girlfriend had put him through.

After a few days of this behavior, I had asked him what was going on and if he was okay, which he had said, yeah, work is just crazy. So I told him to be straight up with me, I was here for him no matter what. Now we both know we like each other, from mutual friends, but we have never discussed it. Finally, he said, I just need to be alone.

Can someone maybe try and help me understand? I am going through the same thing with my Scorpio guy. But I think eventually he will return to normal. Just keep texting or calling just to check up on him. He had her when he was 16, just like yours! His baby mother is beyond crazy. Anyways, my advice to you is to give him space. Since you guys are both water signs, you need time away from each other or you guys will drown. He will be back trust me. My Scorpio disappears once in a while to figure out his feelings and I let him be.

Just met him a week ago and we mesh so well its crazy! Your article brought tears to my eyes. Me and my scorpio worked at same place.

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Around 6 months back I became victim of his famous gaze. Nobody ever came close to what he made me feel, without talking, ever. We are almost strangers. He tried to approach me, atleast it appeared to me. But my shyness held me back. We can communicate with eyes. The trouble is, he moved out of my workplace a few days back and I am not sure where he is.

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  • I saw the pain and longing clearly in his eyes, many times, but was unaware that he was about to leave and desperately wanted to talk. Maybe my shyness went across as denial. Ever since he left, I am in pain, shattered. I cant sleep or eat properly. I am completely restless and helpless. Should I contact him. Please help. I keep dreaming of him ever since I fell for hom His thought isnt leaving me. Is approaching him a right thing to do? If I meet someone who kind of rubs me the wrong way from go.. The only info online talks them up as the greatest match in the world for Scorpio..

    Cancer men also hold no allure. I agree, I am a Scorpio woman, absolutely hate Pisces n cancers, can never get along, I hate how they do all the shit n come at us n bully us, n emotional escapists like eww such a turn off, I am an anamoly within my sign too. And I find them extremely boring too. I am a Scorpio and the love of my life is a pisces. We would be going on three years in Janurary. Well we recently just broke up And I have been devastated since I love him so much. This love is so real to me never felt this way about any guy but him.. I am giving him his space now I really think we was just stuck under each other too much and things just went left… We still talk to each other and even after the fact he came clean and finally told me the truth about the lies he told me.

    As a Scorpio I HATE being lied too I rather my mate tell me the truth before someone else tells me something different from what your telling me. Long story short I really hope he comes back to me he understands me we get each other. I really hope that this space we are giving each other makes us stronger and our bond gets solid. I hope my Pisces come back home to me too. We both are very intense and passionate. But us Scorpios are clingy and controlling at all times. Scorpios can be pissed and still want to be around you. So I understand your pain. When I was small I never understood why I was the way I am.

    I was always sensitive, always the nice guy, it was always easy for me to cry and get hurt from people. I was always the one that rode a relationship and ended up being hurt. That made my day actually. I remember once my parents asked me at 14, son what are your plans? What do you want to be when your older? I said I love music. I love piano and I want to study music! Sadly, true, but I think I really had something in there for that career choice. It made so much sense it was like reading myself!

    I can just be myself and not worry about anyone or anything. Not sure if anyone can relate! As for my Scorpio female friend, wow. We are just the same and always excited to see each other! I never knew how much I was intrigued by Scorpio until now. The day I met him I was instantly attracted to him. He is sexy as hell but a true country boy so not stuck up…we been seeing each other from the day I met him…3years later I look at him and attracted like I just met him…..

    I have a guy that i like.. He is in the same class with me and we like the same things anime, drawing,dubstep,being random ect. Thing is he has a gf n my feelings are rushing out.. My Scorpio friend imprinted on my heart since the age of I am now married for 20 years to a Aries Warrior, with 2 grown kids. We are so far apart but I can sense his pain, and loneliness my heart breaks for him we talk quite often, we are both careful not to cross boundaries as to not complicate our friendship but I know he is a very special soul in my life and never want to lose connection with him.

    I do Love him very much, and even told my husband. Scorpio and Pisces relationship is like Lion and Lamb. When she Pisces know she is in the Lions jaw, she submits herself completely to scorpio. To the scorpio women out there…………I ran into honestly, the most beautiful woman of my dreams. I thought I was doomed to be alone because my game to date women is so terrible. Anyhow, this girl shows up out of nowhere and I kept running into her at this coffee shop I frequent kinda my home base. I guess my too niceness is going to doom me to oblivion so here I vent.

    She is the women of my dreams and it might not come to fruition………. Or are they done completely. My Pisces and I have been together since June We recently started having problems two months ago. And never came back from it. I love her dearly. If you lose a Pisces attention can you easily get it back? With the last pisces man we were together 8 months and also engaged. First, he was depressed whole through the relationship. I tried to help him as much as I could, but it was mission impossible, because basically he did not help himself.

    Also, I am very insecure in relationships and this was issue in our relationship. Well… now I am in process of recovery… and as real scorpio… I know it can take some time but I know also that when I am over, I am over. But for now it f…ing hurts. I say when the moment feels right, tell him, I think he might be happy you told him. Even though he married three years ago, he still made an effort to see me after a performance he was in this past Saturday. I could have told him then, but I know he would have just shrugged it off or told me what I already know, so in my case, I left it right there, I hugged him, gave him his gift and left.

    Go ahead and tell the man, when the time is right, of course. But all the same i will try my best to get her back. I am a scorpio women who was with a Pisces man for 20 long years. But left out a few things. NOW yes the Pisces man does love endlessly and they are very affectionate people. Now when it came to my pregnancies and being there for me HE WAS but hell he should have been knowing how there I was for him. I mean I helped him get his c. Happy new year to all who reads this.

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    Damn im sorry you were with a sorry ass pisces… each sign has a sorry ass liar, cheater, and a sneaky prick so… I wont say that all pisces are like yours. Look man, as a pisces guy here whos spent enough years in his life to know any better, you having that scorp lady in your life who will feed you when your chips are down while she still with her two kids to feed and a hell of a lot of mortal responsibility behind it -that is whole hearted devotion, cause I never knew a woman who could do such a thing. She went out of her professional boundary at work just to look you up, finding out that of all things -heaven sent, you were put there to live in the same block.

    The only problem is you are both living in fear and that is the only reason you are not together! For a woman with child and such burdens, she has much more at stake and much to lose. You are a young man and single, free and in every position to fight to have her at your side.

    From now on You will work hard so that you can feed yourself, and feed her, and help her children, and offer to protect her and deliver her from her current hell. Even if not now, you are prepared to do everything to make it happen, so you can have her back at your side and in the most concrete manner. This woman is strong for all that you wrote and I positively believe that She will fight for you, and fight with you, but you must do the same for her with fear or without fear!

    Write back to her now and tell her that this is what you will do. She is desperate, alone, and abandoned by you and her life is sad enough as it already is… she needs you! The sad story is over, you have the power to turn it into a happy one. Now go out there like a brave and take her back! Hi… I am a pisces female and was in relationship with a scorpio male.

    We broke. He was complaining that I was always taunting him and never understood him. While he frequently verbally abused me. He used to crush my ego and I never objected him just to secure our relationship. By the way he was O. I read somewhere that blood group has effects on personalities. I still cant help myself praying and thinking about him.

    Can anybody specially male scorps tell me that do you guys go through these sort of break ups easily or not. Bcz as being pisces , it is very very tough. We never got a chance to do anything cause she was in a relationship at the time but that has come to an end. I think I may have found my true soulmate. Oh and I am a man that longs for a living woman.

    This man pisces since we met have been smitten. We are going slow and learning about each other. My significant other died earlier in I did not feel id ever breathe again. This man has brought out the feeling and desire that i just want to be around him. I get a smile in my heart that i feel in my soul. He says i kinda saved him too. Taking things slow i dont know how to do that very well. There such a different connection. I would feel robbed if we werent friends.

    Hi scorpion women. I have been dating a piscean and he is a divorced person. Initially,he was good to me and used to stay very possessive. But gradually he started behaving rude to my care and behaviour. We got physically involved but he never considered me as his gf. After 6 months I proposed him. But he refused. But after I went out of his life he turned up after 15 days. Then he started to make things fine as I started creating gaps between us. But 3 months ke kept showing concerns and possessiveness. He never added me on FB and he used to delete my chats when he used to meet me coz he used to get more suspicious that I may blackmail him or spoil him.

    Then after those three months passed we started to have more fights and he started to block me every now and then from watsapp and calls. Since then I found a change in his behaviour. But when I started to be like I dont care about him and never initiate chats since then he used to turn up. But when I used to meet him personally he was most of the time a cold person. Only hot while sex. Now he lied to me one day that he is going to be with his brother and when I traced him he was somewhere else.

    His phones were on flight mode all day night. I blocked him from whatsapp fearing cheating. When I tried to soeak to him he says m not urs. M a gigolo only. He is not being fine at all. Just blocked from everywhere. When I asked I wna meet n sort out he is like if u have ample money get me a phone that wasting it to meet in hotel. N he would meet only when I get a phone for him. Now u guys tell are these traits of a piscean or a psychic.

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    N even after being possessive nt speaking to a guy he was speaking to n number of girls. I love him can I ever get him back. He is 24 feb or he would behave like this and finish friendship pls suggest what do I do. He had a way of looking at me that seemed to push passed the exterior, to the very core of me.

    As an adult, he is beautiful. The attraction is so magnetic. He still lives in our hometown. I would love to meet him again but it seems like a dream. I last saw him 5 years ago. I am Pisces female. I met my Scorpio guy 5 months ago. When we met it was so strange because we instantly connected as if we knew each other for years.

    The first 3 months were great a dream come true but since 2 months he has changed he has become distant n hardly call or text. When I text I get no reply until a day or so. I spoke to him about it and he said work is taking up his time. He told me to give him some time and be patient with him. But I have and it just feels like we are drifting apart even more. I really like him because he is like no one I ever met and I know he likes me too.

    He is like a dream come true. A very serious relationship. We can talk for hours about anything.. We can be anywhere and tune the world out with just US in conversation, in lust, in deep and intense communication. I do all I can to stay in my lane and respect his relationship, but each day I like him even more. He also bonds with my children.

    Surprisingly, I also bond with two of his. We talk about sex a lot.. I can go weeks without talking to him, but once we lock eyes all of the feelings and emotions rush together overwhelming me! What am I to do?.. Do I wait?.. I recently met this scorpio. About 2 weeks ago thru god or fate we found ourselves outside talking thru mutual friends. Lol i mean it was as if we was the only humans on the planet lol. Good post coco really dig this chick there something deep between us i can feel it. This is Scorpio Seductress here. Do you have to ask what to do?

    Throw this fish back and catch another one! Been there and done that girl. CoCo-Scorpio31 — I have no idea if you will see this message? But I hope you do!

    How Gay You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    And it was definitely NOT planned! I noticed him noticing me and vice versa. But we never said much to each other. Only a few things here and there. Then one day during a meeting he told me to call him by his name. And not Mr. I looked at him and saw how serious he was and said OK then! Still I made no moves towards him. Fast forward 3 more years and she was Graduating. And there was a celebration he was there. So I thought to myself this is probably the last time I will see this guy.

    Since I had my camera with me. I decided that I would go over to him as ask if I could take a picture of him. Once he saw me coming he just stared at me. Well you know damn well I starred him back down! Even though it seem like a formality he went with it. He did me one better and said take a picture with me. I was cool all the way up until he put his arms around me and let me wrap my arm around his waist.

    Once I felt his body and how strong he was. And he smelt so damn good to! There were jealous on lookers to. Anyways, I abruptly said ok it was nice knowing you and take care. I causally said that I would! I looked at him and knew that he meant it. I was like ok i will. I finally contacted him a few months later. We emailed back and fourth. Then I told him I would like to see him. We made plans with him procrastinated and procrastinated. Laughed then told him it was ok. After that he decided to see me. The story is too long to tell. But we ended up seeing each other for 3 years!

    But I Never had him for myself. He did fall in love with me as well. He told me so. But we both knew that he was living a double life. So we parted ways with heavy hearts! But his man penetrated through my heart all the way to the other side! And even though I felt oneness when we made love. It was actually when he would be kind and tender to me that made me love him more. Especially when out of the blue he would hold my hand while love making or just walking together. So I get what YOU are saying. But girl save yourself some heartache. Because my love tears stained many pillows! Let him go…and find someone that is ALL yours to keep!

    YOU deserve that…. We would stare into each other eyes all the time. It so beautiful! But how I knew he really loved me despite what was going on. This is how he told me. It was simple but profound. While we were both lying in the darkness. On our backs in the bed staring up to the ceiling. Just being silent with each other.

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    • A shiver literally ran through my body. I knew he was feeling vulnerable. So our course I told him I loved him to! But not the way he did it. It touched my soul. I married a Sagittarius who abused me physically, physically, mentally and emotionally. While going through this my Pisces guy saw me going through this…at the time he was in a relationship with an Aquarius whom hurt him also…. I saw him hurting…. Let alone we were connected through my sister and his brother because they had a baby together….

      I just hurt right now because I luv him but the odds and my insecurities get in the way….. I kind of want to just move on and cut my feelings off.. We planed to move in together he doing everything he said he will. Should I ask him I hate for him to be with me and wanting someone else but I really really love him. I worked with a pisces girl for almost a year, and only within the last month of our contract did we start talking.

      Our group took a beach vacation together, and as two water signs I think we both just hit it off by the water. I freaked out silently when I found out she was a pisces because I had heard of the legendary bond between pisces and scorpio. My dad is a Gemini and I don't see it. That man I feel like Scorpio men be some deceitful asses. They are most likely to be downlow. Thanks x 10 Disagree!

      Oct 8, 3. Definitely Scorpio women Thanks x 6. Oct 8, 4. Is that why no guys are hollering at me anymore? Oct 8, 5. Oct 8, 6. Two of my most freakiest friends are scorpios and have tried just about "everything". Oct 8, 7. Most of the gemini men I know are confused. And a scorpio is really a scorpi-ho! Oct 8, 8. There are too many gay people from each sign to even try to prove this point.

      Thanks x 19 LOL! Oct 8, 9. Thanks x 8 LOL! Oct 8,