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As a White Dog you have the capacity to learn how to let your heart guide you through life; to be loyal to your own truth; to be empathically skillful; to be a voice of universal, holy love as the all-curing medicine of our times; to be a servant and leader in your circles and communities; to unify with your companions of destiny and soul-family, bringing together the tribes in order to evolve and thrive; to radiate the authenticity and tender, invincible light of your ever-deepening heart!

The heart of the matter is this: "Everything is either love or a cry for love. As a Yellow Human you have the capacity to be a wisdom-keeper; to be a vessel of the higher mind; to activate our evolutionary powers of self-reflection and conscious choice; to conspire to inspire positive change; to influence your fellow humans to align their free will with their wisdom; to champion the infinite possibilities of our human potential to raise the vibrations on the planet; to be the conscientious being you wish to see in the world; to celebrate the divinity of our human spirit, honoring the oneness in our diversity!

As humans we exist as the continuum of countless generations, yet today we are fueled by rays from the sun that have never touched this earth before…. Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:. As a White Wizard you have the capacity to reveal the authentically mystical and the mystically authentic; to be a lucid spell-caster, aware of the power of thoughts and beliefs in conjuring realities; to enchant the world with the magic of your inner light; to wield love and knowledge through the powers of intention, meditation, and invocation; to access ancient-future mysteries that are encoded within us; to cultivate the art of synchronic timing by sensitizing to the pulse of each unfolding moment; to dissolve constructs of past and future into timeless, now-centered, radial existence.

Fearlessness does not mean having no fears. Fearlessness means that you feel the fears, but you do not let them stop you! As a Red Earth you have the capacity to read the maps of living mystery; to interpret the guidance of the universe arising through the circumstances of the present moment; to celebrate synchronicity as the magic of natural order; to center yourself in the vitality, purity and living wisdom of Earth's elemental abundance; to collaborate with your higher self in navigating the course of your life's evolution; to align with the evolutionary spirit that is steering our culture to harmonize with our living biosphere; to synchronize your consciousness with the heartbeat of the Earth!

As a White Mirror you have the capacity to explore this infinite Universe through the boundlessness of your consciousness; to meditate on the mystery which integrates our inner and outer world; to uncover and reveal how our perception of reality is reflective of our internal state of being; to polish your inner mirror that you may see through surface appearances and perceive the deeper underlying truths; to wield the sword of wisdom that cuts through illusion and projection, and liberates us beyond the "Hall of Mirrors" into the greater reality.

As Blue Storm, you have the capacity to be an activator of transformation; to be a lucid world changer; to be an agent of circulation, renewal, breakthrough and freedom; to honor catharsis and upheaval as potent forces of cleansing and clearing; to ascertain the vital role of vibration in shaping realities; to access the force of your inner spark as your ultimate source of power; to unleash the lightning of your soul and the calm resilience of your presence; to be the I Am of the eye of the storm.

As a Yellow Sun you have the capacity to radiate the universal fire of enlightened life by fanning the flames of truth, divine knowledge, and sacred enthusiasm; to call light into shadows, allowing consciousness to illuminate that which is unconscious; to summon the sun that is always shining, even when all you can see are clouds; to discover how to release the obscurations that block you from experiencing and emanating the radiance of your true, divine nature; to master humility and welcome your nobility; to honor the wholeness and fullness of life, accepting the totality of this existence and celebrating all of our lessons here in this majestic Earth School; to find the golden beacon of your own heart as the ultimate guide on the path to enlightenment!

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Being empty of independent identity, I am full of interconnected existence. For any other usage of this material, including transference into video, audio, apps, or print - or for usage of these descriptions for any commercial purposes, contact SkyTime directly to seek our permission. I've been using them for 2 years now, and they really changed my life! Thank you beautiful souls for contributing with such passion, art, and commitment to our evolutionary process.

I am really enjoying it! We rely on our calendars daily! Wow wow wow wow! You never cease to amaze me to my core. We learn something new each time we open it. I am very thankful for it! Thank you so much for your fabulous contribution to our planet's well-being! What a gift! The artwork is galactivated and the wisdom is shared with compassionate understanding. This has been a tremendous resource, and I am so grateful you have provided this. It's a remarkable tool, beyond measure.

Your calendar has indeed, been a blessing to me. Learn More! I polarize in order to play Stabilizing illusion I seal the process of magic With the lunar tone of challenge I am guided by the power of abundance. I activate in order to influence Bonding wisdom I seal the process of free will With the electric tone of service I am guided by the power of intelligence. I empower in order to enchant Commanding receptivity I seal the output of timelessness With the overtone tone of radiance I am guided by the power of spirit.

I organize in order to create Balancing mind I seal the output of vision With the rhythmic tone of equality I am guided by my own power doubled. I harmonize in order to evolve Modeling synchronicity I seal the matrix of navigation With the galactic tone of integrity I am guided by the power of birth. I pulse in order to reflect Realizing order I seal the matrix of endlessness With the solar tone of intention I am guided by the power of timelessness. I perfect in order to catalyze Producing energy I seal the matrix of self-generation With the planetary tone of manifestation I am guided by the power of accomplishment.

I dedicate in order to nurture Universalizing being I seal the input of birth With the crystal tone of cooperation I am guided by the power of space. I endure in order to communicate Transcending breath I seal the input of spirit With the cosmic tone of presence I am guided by the power of death. I unify in order to dream Attracting intuition I seal the input of abundance With the magnetic tone of purpose I am guided by my own power doubled.

I define in order to equalize Measuring opportunity I seal the store of death With the self-existing tone of form I am guided by the power of spirit. Rational mind is not your strongest point, you tend to ignore unpleasant subjects until a crisis occurs. Release judgements and limitations; learn to reflect immediately. Trust life and communicate! Beware not to overprotect or dominate others. Change is your nature - flow with life, move like the wind. Often you might appear contradictory, inconsistent of even unreliable, unpredictable and sudden.

You hear the call of the unknown. Powerful mind, thirst to understand. You are an idealist, very sensitive and highly appreciating the aesthetic side of life. Concentrate and focus - be ready to dive deeper, not just skimming the surface. Disperse rigid ideals of perfection. Connect with your feelings and emotions - your sensitivity and psychic abilities. Move from being a spectator and choose to become a participant. Your fickle nature will become more decisive, you will start accepting commitments, responsibilities and obligations.

This will make you more real, give you roots and anchor you in your heart. Akbal is symbolized by the dawn, the coming together of the old and the new, of darkness and light - a creative and destructive place both. Home and family are important, a sheltered space and secure foundations, a protection from life's many dangers and inconsistencies - enclosing you like a womb. You are a private and reclusive person. There is a sacred place within yourself that can't be shared with anybody - your inner sanctum. This makes you appear aloof and could cause problems in close relationships.

You have great respect for tradition and history and you are tempted to stick with conventional solutions, only ready to let go of rigid attitudes during major crisis. You enjoy appearing inaccessible, mysterious and unknowable. Logical and systematic you enjoy solving problems. Akbal gives incredible endurance to actualize your goals, no matter how long it will take. Trials are the gateways to spiritual treasures. In search for the innermost light the perils of the soul have to be faced, confronting all kinds of fears.

Light is found at the very core of darkness. Dare to go with adventures, diving into the unknown. Open yourself to revelations and visions. Truly individual, acting out of an instinctual, primal wholeness - unique in expressions and full of seeds - hidden potentials to grow new life. In the beginning just dreams, ideas and plans - plant them, give them away to the fertile soil, allow life force and light to break their shell, give them a chance to germinate.

Don't wait for the perfect time or place to cast your seeds away. Live life as a dancer, a musician or a mischief. You have a fiery nature and a lot of deep and strong physical energy. Outdoor activities are balancing your mental pursuits and interests. Sexuality is of great importance, giving you an outlet for all the primal energy roaring within. Trust your intention in the now and take the first step towards fulfilling yourself.

Deep down you are very serious about life. You own powerful senses and you often operate on instinct, on auto-pilot. You are very receptive, reacting quickly, catching opportunities and making contact to the right people. You are a strong thinker, diving deep into intricate subjects like science, philosophy or metaphysics. Your success is based on patient effort, daily routine, strong dedication and commitment.

You don't care so much about other people's opinions and you are far from compromising yourself in any way. You have a strong desire to appear in public and you show a natural talent for leadership. You are competent and outstanding in whatever you choose to do. You attract wealth and good fortune.

Concerned with safety, there is the tendency to hold on to your energies, thinking you have to unfold your life. This egotistical point of view leads towards depression and hopelessness. Show your true temper, be light-hearted and enthusiastic. Dive deeply into sexuality, pass through all kinds of obsessions, and face upcoming problems and confusions. You crave for challenges and crisis in order to heal the split between mind and body. Come down from your head, center within the fire of your heart, allow it to burn away conditionings and limitations. Strong willed and charismatic you can embody the highest and the lowest forms of existence.

Rising to the highest you will transmit light and truth - embodying spiritual ideas. Falling into the Underworld you might represent the poisonous snake diving into excesses. You can draw and hold attention, you radiate a mysterious and secretive aura and you can be quite dramatic. You know the knack of getting attention, but you're rarely understood. Although delighting in public focus you are a solitary being, enjoying privacy and seclusion, thinking in terms of "I" instead of "we". Harmonized and balanced within yourself you attract others instead of repulsing them.

Only then will you be able to use your high intelligence in constructive ways, transforming your instinctual wisdom, developing healing powers, accessing sorcery and witchcraft.

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  • You own powerful emotions, which are challenging you to look deeply into unsolved inner conflicts. These emotional tides can be dramatically intense, for yourself and for the people close to you.

    Free Mayan Astrology Readings

    Your penetrating psychic energy is at times intrusive. Internalize feelings and learn to express anger in constructive ways. Unless you really gather the courage to face fear and emotional upheaval again and again you will fall into paralyzed states of indecision.

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    By refusing to take responsibility the universe makes decisions by default, leaving you unhappy; trapped within your own life - even more so because personal freedom means a lot to you. Sensual pleasures and survival instincts stimulate your primal awareness, activating your intuitive wisdom.

    Don't rely too much on hearing and seeing. These senses may fragment and distort your intuition, enticing you to start reasoning. Connecting with touch, smell and taste brings you to the present moment, aligns you with instinctual wisdom. Day of forgiveness, a very lucky day to be born on. After having quenched all physical needs there comes the challenge to extend consciousness, encompassing the mysteries of death, awakening to limitlessness.

    Cimi is dedicated to deep inquiry, ready to look inside. Passing through periods of solitude, turning points are experienced.

    Free Mayan Astrology Readings – LightCenter

    A close encounter with death might create a sacred wound within you. Allow pain — it's a blessing in disguise, it will boost your transforming process. In the light of life's immense questions, religion and metaphysics might help building faith and trust. Pushing understanding beyond the limits of intellect reveals the mysterious, opens the doors to the nonphysical world of spirit. When polarities are dissolving, true inner wisdom is generated.

    Cimi cooperates well with others, having great dedication for community and partnership. Deep inside there is a strong sense of obligation towards humanity as a whole - you are a living sample of true sister- and brotherhood, feeling great compassion for all the suffering beings.

    Preoccupied with helping you often forget caring for yourself. True giving will come out of abundance, when overflowing your riches are shared naturally. So be generous and compassionate with yourself first. Being a perfectionist you take life very serious. You are gracious, and yet reluctant to share your core feelings.

    Although capable, you don't feel like leading others, preferring to contribute behind the scenes. In partnership you are torn toward strong individuals, tending to conform, wanting to fit the cast, almost neglecting your own personality — to the point of playing the passive role of a victim. There is no need to sway dynamics covertly from behind the scenes to get the results you desire.

    Contemplate on transitoriness and you will realize that death doesn't mean destruction; but liberation, reconnecting the limited self with universal consciousness.

    The Mayan Calendar

    The hand is symbolizing your abilities to improve upon nature by adjoining creative genius, applying the proper tools to achieve the envisioned results. Manik is the archetype of advanced intelligence - recognizing potentials, and following through to their completion. Caring for projects and futuristic ideas with intense commitment you never get tired of expanding your skills to fulfill highest standards of accomplishment. Intuitive and sensitive to the concerns of other beings you hold the desire is to improve upon the quality of others lives.

    Community and family issues are important generous, peaceful and inspiring. You enjoy social work and blossom in an atmosphere of companionship. Generous, peaceful and inspiring you enjoy social work and blossom in an atmosphere of companionship. Manik is unconventional, experiential, owns powerful intuition and a sharp mind. You can be pretty bold, speaking up the truth, regardless of any consequences.

    Although you prefer contributing from behind the scenes having no desire to be a leader still at times you might be the sovereign manager. You have strong feelings for nature, plants and animals. Farming, outdoor work or sports are empowering. You are very sensual - appreciating eating and sexual pleasures. You own a strong sense for aesthetics and artistic talents, especially a strong sense of rhythm. You love dancing and body movement. Deriving security from close relationships you have to learn being more comfortable with your own individuality.

    In fact, you are an incomparable individualist. Give yourself the personal freedom to roam around - be just yourself, a wanderer or world-traveler. Be aware not to get too much identified with certain perspectives, don't get confined to certain ideals and roles. Playfulness and versatility are loosening up tensions, opening you to this moment - attuning you to your heart! Manik symbolizes sacred rhythms of life, the rhythms of giving and taking. Often you might suffer from inadequacy, imperfection and procrastination, becoming overwhelmed by what you've started, fearing displeasure at possible outcomes.

    Completion will become much easier if you allow excitement and satisfaction during the creative process. The journey is the goal - enjoy each step! Lamat vibrates with perfectionism, beauty, elegance, ingenuity — exclusive taste, unique ideas and visions. You own an extremely intelligent and complex mind and you're constantly living on razor's edge of getting lost in its labyrinth.

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    • Always busy doing something or other your intense and nervous energy often lacks focus. Deeply ingrained habits, which are structuring your life - are tending to become ruts. So knowing this, create positive routines that generate order and rhythm, assisting you in bringing your high values down to earth. To bring your fast spinning electric energy down to Earth you need physical activity, rooting you within existence. Often you try to figure out your purpose. Quit trying so hard - just be. Dive into this moment - invest your total being into the now. Follow your heart, not your mind!

      You are a graceful being and you have a harmoniously glowing aura around yourself, which others easily can get deceived by! That means, you're not all that tender and sweet as it may look from without. Actually you enjoy challenge and opposition and love a good fight. Knowingly or unknowingly you take great risks, even in order to create situations of adversity.

      You thrive on strong attention. You are part of an infinite ocean, deeply interconnected with all beings. Powerful emotions are expressing through you. Whatever you do originates in your intense feelings. You are impressible, changeable and flexible - able to adapt to any situation you're put in.

      Definitely not moderate, one could call you exorbitant or even excessive. You might show instinctual and domineering manners and you are not attempting to appear sophisticated at all. Once you have decided to engage yourself for something you do it whole-heartedly with your total dedication. You live very much in the moment and you are aware - always ready to change course if the situation demands to. You show intense behavior and bizarre interests. Unless you have heard your inner call and found your mission it is very hard for you to gain stability and containment.

      You need a form, a structure - something or somebody giving you boundaries and self-discipline. You like to be involved with others. You can be incredible giving and reliable - an appreciated member of a team. You have absorbed some quite strong conditionings from your mother's role model.

      If you were lucky you have got positive imprints. Then leadership and responsiveness will be your natural gifts.